In the meantime, some users from the Classic Computing Forum and some others have already built a Junior Computer ][. Each one with its own style and charm.

Junior Computer ][ Rev. 2 with temp keyboard. The first ever not build by me Junior ][ – 2021 by Klaly
Nice Rev. 3A version with some tiny china switches (the Marquard switches were reused for a new Rev. 3.1B board) – 2022 by NorbertJ
The same Junior ][ before the modification. Hello Junior! 🙂 – 2022 NorbertJ
The #2 Revision 3 board. This one started the series… – 2022 by Orion7
Early Revision 3.1B board. This Junior was tragically killed by an overvoltage and finally brought back to life – 2022 by DL8EBD
Damn, so many dead bugs… – 2022 by DL8EBD
Revision 3B with a nice 6551 ceramic package – 2022 by TuboMichi
The same Junior ][ at the DORECO 2022 stacked together with friends – 2022 by TurboMichi
Rev. 3B board with ROM emulator and connected XLink adapter – 2022 by Freak
The first ever build Rev. 3.1B board with SMD switches – 2022 by Freak
Rev. 3 Board. Junior meets Junior ][. A love affair – 2022 by discmix
Rev. 3B board with all in red keys – 2022 by Ralf02
NorbertJs Junior ][ with IO/Language Card and beautiful transparent plastic case.
Hmmm…nice – 2022 by NorbertJ
TurboMichis Junior ][ with IO/Language Card and connected Datasette – 2022 by TurboMichi
Freshly assembled early IO/Language board. This one had still some issues, as you can see on the adapter board needed to use the sound chip – 2022 by DL8EBD
…and a nice view from the left side. Don’t forget to jumper the base address 🙂 – 2022 by DL8EBD
Another early IO/Language Board with a cutted Backplane PCB – 2022 by TurboMichi
This is the very first fully functional Junior Computer ][ built on a printed circuit board.
Rev. 2, S#0001-B. Where are the damn key caps? – 2021 by Joerg Walke
Prototyping some functionalities for the next Revision 3 board.
Hey Sam, which wire should I cut? The red or the blue one? 🙂 – 2022 by Joerg Walke